HD video, b&w, 01: 09, 2015

(the sound of heart beat)

My eyes are wet. Sometimes, without reason, I can’t stop the tears from welling up in my eyes. Because of my uncontrollable emotion, I get angry with myself. But if you ask me why I cry, I will say, “ have I cried?” I will erase your memory as if it never happened. 

(the sound of erasing with a eraser... the wind sound)

HD video, b&w, 01: 28, 2015

I want to remember someone. It seems like it is coming to mind, but I can’t recall the face. I'm just waiting until it springs to mind. But I feel more sad because no matter what I try to remember, the memories dim. (raindrops... It starts to rain.)

HD video, b&w, 01: 22, 2015

(the crash thunder and patter of raindrops... the sound of slamming a door)

Rage. Today I had a row with my mom again. I don’t feel it's a big deal any more. Perhaps I had so many in the past? And now I don’t remember why I had an argument and why I got so upset with her.  But for some reason, I'm still mad. 

(stormy wind sound)

HD video, b&w, 01: 32, 2015

(the sound of noise in cafe) In 1995, one autumn day, sitting face to face at a cafe, we were talking about where to go next. “Where should we go? where do you want to go?” “ Well, what do you want to do?” Like this, we continued carrying on a dull conversation. ‘Did he really want to go with me?’ If I think back, I often had conversations like this. But I don’t even remember where I went with him that day.